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At Dave's we know how important food safety, produce traceability and environment sustainability are to our customers.


Our safe practices start right at the farm where we employ internationally- recognized standards of Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs). Our packing facilities follow internationally-recognized standards of HAACP.


All of our farms are certified through one or more third party auditors: NSF (Davis Fresh), Primus Labs or Global G.A.P. We know where our berries come from and where they go. Dave's Foodlink/ iTrade traceability system allows us to track the distribution of our fresh produce from the packing facility all the way to the distribution center. So you can have peace of mind knowing that our fresh, delicious products are delivered in the safest manner possible.


The goodness of Dave's begins at the farm with our responsible, berry-friendly growing practices. We grow only the most flavorful berry varieties suited for each growing area. And we make sure our delicious berries get the most loving and careful handling, packaging, and distribution. We are proud to provide the highest quality berries to supermarkets, wholesalers, food service distributors and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.



At Dave's our goal is to always bring you produce from the freshest source. That means our "family" of growers extends from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern. So you can enjoy nutritious and flavorful berries all year long.

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