B&B Imports, Inc.

Table Grape Program


No matter the variety or size of grape you are looking for we have it. From the deep purple and red hues of Flames, Scarlets, Crimsons, and Red Globes; to the bright, meaty, green, Sugarones. 


Refreshing, delicious and available year ‘round.

Stone Fruit Program


Velvety sweet and available year ‘round we can bring you the best domestic and imported peaches, nectarines, and plums.


When it comes to cherries we have what you need, including the newest varieties of Red Sweets, and of course the classics— Bing and Rainer.

Pear and Citrus Programs


Our incredible pears are available fresh, domestically or imported in all varieties. 


Our citrus program ensures a full basket for your consumer with lemons, navels, valencias, mandarins, and tangelos. 

B&B Imports, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Mike Bowe, son of Dave Bowe, as a sister company to Dave’s Specialty Imports, Inc. 


Over the last two decades both Dave’s and B&B grew within the berry categories, focusing on long-term grower relationships and procuring the highest-quality produce in South, Central, and North America. 


In 2014 B&B evolved to include a new brokerage office in California while also expanding into new commodities. 


B&B still offers Dave’s everyday delicious full line-up of berries, but the company now brings you incredible stone fruit, grapes, citrus, pomegranates, melons and much more!

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